In order to determine the appropriate measures needed to ensure road maintenance, it is necessary to comprehensively survey the condition of the road pavement.
While the required measures for maintenance and restoration can be detected by simply observing the visible surface damages, a concept for reinstatement measures dependant on the future usage expectancy is essential.
The remaining usage duration of paving fundamentally depends on the traffic congestion and the sustainability of the existing conditional structure.
The anatomical measurement results can therefore directly be taken into account according to the road bed standardisation guidelines and directives, (RSTO, FGSV) to determine the necessary renovation thickness.
The following table compares conventionally used methods with the methods applied by Deflecta, in which sustainability is determined.

  Dig up Benkelman Beam Falling Weight Deflecta
Average reading point/km 2 - 4 2 - 4 20 - 40 > 500
Charges/Examined area* 500,00 € 200,00 € 30,00 € 0,50 €
Examination duration/km Day Hours Hours Minutes
Statisical significance/km Single attempts Single attempts Single attempts Comprehensive
Method Destructive Non destructive Non destructive Non destructive
Concept Static Static Dynamic Static
* Exclusive road safety

Measures can be taken to ensure the maintenance, according to the character, amplitude and effective date charges based upon the almost comprehensive sustainability determination method.
In this way expenditures are decreased while the delivered quality can be improved constantly.